About PT Cipta Strada

  • PT Cipta Strada intends to become a Private Company in the field of Construction Design& Supervision Services which is the pioneer of Engineering Consultants in Indonesia
  • PT CiptaStrada has high technical and management performance to be able to enter international networks.



  • Participating in engineering consultants in Indonesia by applying professional norms and business ethics.

• Creating and developing a work conducive climate for optimal services, either in planning or in monitoring projects.


PT. CIPTA STRADA, engineering consultants was established in 1975. Its founding members were Indonesian engineers, each with a wide experience in construction in Indonesia. During more than 40 years of its existence, the company has been entrusted by various clients to perform consulting services, either in joint operation with foreign consulting firms or on its own.

The first of such joint operation was in 1976 with Sauti – RENARDET – ICE of Italy for the engineering consultancy to the Regional Betterment Office I in Medan, covering both Design and Supervision for roads in North Sumatera, Riau and West Sumatera. Other joint operations with different foreign consulting firms have followed thereafter.

In 1983 in joint operation with RENARDET S.A. – SAUTI of Italy and ARGE INDOC of Germany, CIPTA STRADA has been involved in the consulting services for the BELAWAN – MEDAN – TANJUNG MORAWA Toll Road Project, covering Redesign and Construction Supervision Services.
By working in joint operation with foreign consulting firms, the company has been able to acquire a lot of knowhow and experience in the field of Highway & Bridge Engineering, which has proved to be invaluable for its development. As a result of it, CIPTA STRADA has been subsequently entrusted by The Ministry of Public Works, State Corporations and Private Indonesian Corporations to perform major engineering consultancy services for major Highway and Bridge projects, including several major Toll Roads.
The projects whereby CIPTA STRADA works in joint operation with foreign consultants, are financed by International or Foreign Loan Agencies such as IBRD, ADB and JIBIC (OECF)

In 1978, CIPTA STRADA has expanded its operation overseas, when it was assigned by Bank Bumi Daya (BBD) to perform supervision services in Saudi Arabia, after having performed similar services in Indonesia. Other assignments in Saudi Arabia from BBD and Bank Negara Indonesia 1946 (BNI ‘ 46) have followed subsequently. In 1984 the company has been entrusted by BNI ’46 to perform consultancy services for its 32 storey headquarter’s building in Jakarta.

The last 10 years, CIPTA STRADA has continually been assigned by JASA MARGA in joint operation with other local consulting firms, whereby CIPTA STRADA acts as the Lead Consultant to do the design and supervision services for several Toll Roads Projects in Indonesia.

CIPTA STRADA has a large number of experienced engineers, proficient in design and construction supervision of major Highway and Bridge projects in general and Toll Road projects in particular. The company occupies a modern three storey building equipped with the latest computer facilities in the golden Triangle Area.

In December 2003, the management system of CIPTA STRADA has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of SNI 19-9001-2001 and ISO 9001:2000 by SGS. Thanks to the support of its clients, CIPTA STRADA has been able to grow from its modest beginning to a respectable position in the Indonesian Consulting World today.

Quality Policy


PT Cipta Strada shall become a Construction Design& Supervision Service Provider that always responsive to the needs of Users and innovatively produces newest idea to optimize the quality of the project


PT Cipta Strada shall develope by the support of employees who have the trust and authority to excel and utilize their knowledge


PT Cipta Strada creates and develops a climate that supports the spirit of continuous learning for all employees.


PT Cipta Strada creates and develops a family atmosphere among fellow employees without being influenced by religion or tribal differences or other reasons.


• PT Cipta Strada always complies with the applicable standards / regulations and continues to improve the effectiveness of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System by using risk-based thinking.